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You can order these wands unpainted by clicking here

Caduceus Wand $195.00
Cancellarius´ Wand $155.00
Hegemon´s Wand $155.00
Hierophant´s Wand $175.00
Chief Adept wand in the portal $155.00
The spirit Wand $155.00

Invoking/Banishing Wand $59.99

Lotus Wand Gold paint with crystal $230.00

Lotus Wand $155.00

Phoenix Wand $155.00
Praemonstrator Wand $155.00
Rainbow Wand $79.99
The Rosa Cross Wand $165.00
Second Adept´s Wand portal $155.00
Third Adept´s Wand portal $155.00
Portal Chief Adept´s Wand $195.00
Chief Adept wand Ur-Uatchi $195.00